Sunday, August 24, 2008


One year ago I was driving a rental from Regina to Saskatoon to catch a flight to Minneapolis where I would end up having to spend the night before flying to Memphis trying to get to Austin.

I was on my way home from the Antonini family reunion where my uncle Marty entertained, my brother and my cousins performed, and my aunts and uncles sang and danced. At one point in the weekend, Uncle Lui asked if I would play the piano. I couldn't: I didn't have a single thing I could sit down and play.

On the long road home I had the chance to reflect. It sucked that I didn't have anything to show for all the lessons, practice, recitals, competitions and exams. I decided I needed to get it back.

The story from then on appears in this blog. After one full year, I've built up a decent repertoire, played some recitals, made some recordings and bought my first piano. And I feel like I'm playing better than ever. So Uncle Lui, next time I'm up north and there's a piano nearby, I have some pieces I'd like to play.

Until then, Happy Pianoversary!


  1. Happy Pianoversary Kenneth!

    Your excitement about your new piano and building your repertoire is palpable and infectious. Thanks for sharing the pictures, videos and recordings - that was fun! I've only had the chance to listen to one track so far (Arabesque) and it was beautiful. I look forward to the next time we're together and I can hear you play live.

    Go Essex man go!
    Cousin Michele

  2. Dear Kenneth,

    Happy Pianoversary.
    It is wonderful that you are playing again, and we loved hearing you this summer.
    But more than anything we are happy that you are so filled with joy!

    Love, Mom

  3. Dear Kenneth,
    Your story of "getting it back" is straightforward, honest and inspiring. As it turns out, we are all winners because of your reflection, determination and talent.

    Happy belated pianoversary!
    Lots of love, Lucy