Sunday, January 12, 2014

Video: Gershwin--Prelude I

Moving from Texas to New York was a pretty complicated process. One of the requirements for importing my piano was to prove that it could play Gershwin. Which is ok... I've always loved Gershwin and have always wanted to learn something of his. Unfortunately, most of his popular stuff is big and orchestral. The three Preludes are a great exception: they're short solo piano pieces, but they're pure Gershwin.

So here is my video of Gershwin's Prelude I. It's a fairly challenging piece technically, which made it hard for me to capture a performance that's both clean and musical. So there are places here where I'm not crazy about the feel.

This is also the last of the three videos I recorded during the Christmas holidays. So sad. But I promise not to wait two years before my next ones.