Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Art Facts Video

I was hoping to post a video of the new piano shortly after it arrived. But man, there's a lot of hardware and software that just doesn't work well. I'm not going to rant about all of it here, but I would like to single out YouTube for not being able to maintain the audio/video sync in .wmv files. Amazing. If I figure out a workaround, I'll post a replacement video.

Anyway. The quality is kind of crappy and the piano is ready for its acclimation tuning. And there's a clam at the end and a minor train wreck in the middle. But it's time to post the darn thing.

Update (July 28, 2008): I've managed to improve the audio/video sync somewhat by kludge. This is the newer version.

Update (September 12, 2008): YouTube fixed their audio problems, so here's another version with better audio (but the sync problems are back... sigh)


  1. Hi Kenneth,

    You broke my computer! Half way through, my sound just quit! I finally got it turned back on and Mom and I enjoyed listening to the whole thing - she says she didn't hear the train wreck and didn't note any clam at the end!

    Anyway, many thanks.


    I love this video Ken. You look like you're in your element sitting at and playing on that beautiful piano. What a guy! You didn't break my computer; in fact it's never sounded better! Thanks a million.

    ME xoxoxoxoxoxo

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  4. @Dad... sorry about the computer. Blame YouTube. The clam at the end actually works musically, so it's not a stinky clam. And "train wreck" may be too harsh. A raft of bum notes. But I played them at the right time! :-)

    @Mary Ellen... Thanks for the kind words. I wish you could hear the piano in person, but I guess for now the video will have to do.

  5. Hi Kenneth,
    Today I decided to show Paul your Art Facts site and discovered your video. Dave, Paul and I viewed it together and especially enjoyed watching you play your awesome piano. We wondered when we'd get our introduction to its sound. Thank you. The acclimation tuning will probably make things sound better to you but for us it is already perfect with you at the keys.

    Lots of love, Louise

  6. Hi Kenneth,
    I just listened to you again, and I can hardly wait to hear you on my piano.
    Love, Mom

  7. Once again, second time around, very nice, Kenneth!