Sunday, May 11, 2008

Piano 101: 9. Toccata pour le Piano Opus 54

Jenö Takács was a twentieth century Austrian composer. According to my Austrian edition (Doblinger), this piece was written in 1946. The metronome marking is 96-108 half notes per minute. And as if anticipating our disbelief, the composer also notes that the total performance time is around four minutes. The composer's insistence notwithstanding, I couldn't bring myself to record it that fast. So my version has parts that get up to 96, but mostly hangs down in the low 90s or high 80s.

I decided to include this piece because my uncle Marty liked it so much. He came to visit us in Ottawa one time and I played it for him. He suggested that after finishing the piece, I should leap up, kick over the bench, knock out the lid prop and slam down the fallboard. I never took him up on his choreography, but from that point on I couldn't play the piece without it crossing my mind.

Track 9: Toccata pour le Piano Opus 54 (Jenö Takács)


  1. Well this is an amazing accomplishment, Kenneth!

    An athlete doing a workout in a gym has nothing over on you when it comes to energy and stamina; but you win, hands down, on performance and entertainment.

    I love your dedication to Marty, too. It's fun to visualize the antics he would add to the end of this dramatic piece.


  2. I really like the way you play! I believe your soundquality is really good and telling. Thanks for posting your inspiring pieces.