Friday, May 30, 2008

Delivery Day!

Steinway promised to show up sometime between 10am and 11am, which is ok because I had a few things to do in preparation for the piano's arrival. The truck rolled up at about 9:45am and left less than a half hour later. Raymond and his assistant have done this before. This chronicle is a little lengthy and bloated with photos (and even video!). So let's get started.

It's here! It's here! I can only hope that everyone reading this will someday experience the thrill I got having a Steinway truck outside my house.

The movers are quick and efficient, but handle my newborn with great care. There's nothing sloppy about the way they move... you can tell they're watching every corner and bump.

Through the front door...
...and into the gallery. The legs latch into position and are then tightened by hand. But to make sure they're tightly latched, the movers whale on them with this huge Thor's Hammer. Raymond is at the beginning of a full-arm swing at the treble leg here.
Once the tail leg, treble leg and lyre are secure, they tilt the piano over into position before attaching the bass leg.

A couple more thumps by Thor and the bass leg is in place.

The piano is up. Raymond, please put away that hammer. I don't think my heart can take any more piano bashing.
But does it play well? Heck ya! (Our dog Maple seems to like it, too).
Who's a good dog? Who's a good dog!? I may be biased, but I think Maple kicks the RCA Victor dog's butt. And that's Kashmir on the half-wall trying to get up the nerve to jump inside for a closer look. If a thing has an inside and an outside, Kashmir prefers the inside.
Shiner finally decides to grace us. In the video he's trying to pretend he doesn't even notice the sudden appearance of the huge monolith that all the other apes are obsessed with. But as cool as he is, he still has to sneak a look as he passes by. Watch it again and notice Kashmir trying to climb inside from beneath this time.


  1. Bravo! Bravissimo!

    love, Mom & Dad

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  3. Ahhh!! Yippeeeee! It finally arrived! It is absolutely lovely and I'm enjoying my 'net surfing tonight while I'm listening to you play the piano! :)

    Cousin Barb

  4. Well, Kenneth,
    This written, audio and visual account of your piano's arrival is the next best thing to being there! It's a truly "moving" experience.

    Thanks for letting us in on the fun and excitement of this very special day for the whole family, including Maple, Kashmir and Shiner.

    Now, we look forward to the first time we hear you play your very own piano.

    Love, Louise and David