Saturday, October 6, 2007

2x: The Recording

As I mentioned earlier, we recorded the main acoustic guitar tracks and lead vocals for the album in my apartment in Austin. Christian Chénier recorded the electric guitar tracks in Ottawa and transfered them by ftp. I recorded everything else at Art Facts Studio, a.k.a. the attic of my house.

I recorded either direct or with the large-diaphragm AKG C3000B through a Mackie LM3204 into an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 at 24 bits, 44.1kHz. I used n-Track Studio for both tracking and sequencing, and Tascam Gigastudio 3 Orchestra for most of the virtual instruments. My controllers were a Yamaha KX88 and an Evolution UC33e. I monitored through Yamaha NS-10 and Event ALP 5 nearfields.

Eventually I'll do a separate post for the full list of instruments and libraries.

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  1. Kenneth ... this is TMTI for me. I'm just going to forge ahead and hope that I catch on along the way.

  2. Well, you're a trooper for slogging through it all. :-)

    The next posts all have links to the actual recordings so you can hear the music.

    I'm going to see if I can add some kind of index to the front page of the blog so that it's easier to just jump to the songs.

  3. I see your index, Kenneth. I'm so eager to hear the songs. I want to jump ahead and yet I want to be ready to listen to Thom with more than just my ears. I guess I can do both, by moving back and forth, can't I? I just don't want to miss a thing.