Tuesday, October 9, 2007

2x: 2. We Cherish Our Scars

Track 2: We Cherish Our Scars
Thom's songwriting journal entry for We Cherish Our Scars

Virtual Ensemble
  • A.V. -- acoustic guitar, lead vocal
  • B.B. -- bass, background vocal
  • K.B. -- organ
  • D.P. -- drums
Actual Ensemble
  • Thom Barker -- acoustic guitar, lead vocal
  • Ken Barker -- fretted bass (DEADGC), organ, drum programming, background vocal

The organ on the post-chorus breaks is a new theme for this arrangement. The motion opposite the bass is straight out of the tertian harmony textbook, and it works like a charm.

The bass in the verses and chorus is much simplified in rhythm from older arrangements. The plain rhythms in the bass and organ are an attempt to reign in the busy acoustic rhythm. The drums are still probably too busy. Oh well. The bass rhythm in the verses also fore-echoes the accent delay in the choruses, with sustained high harmony notes accenting the "and" of beat two.

This arrangement also introduces a gimmick common to the up-tempo songs on the album. Drums and bass (and sometimes organ or guitar) come together to reinforce the rhythm on fills. It's almost overdone here, occurring at:
  • 00:21 (bass + drums)
  • 00:37 (bass + drums)
  • 01:08 (bass + drums)
  • 01:53 (bass + drums)
  • 02:20 (organ + bass + drums)
  • 03:18 (bass fill + drum accents)
The delayed chorus accent here is even more syncopated than in Even After All This Time. The chorus is 8 bars, grouped 2+2+2(+2). The drums are again responsible for the syncopation, this time delaying the accent to the "and" of beat two in the second bar of each of the first three groups. The first bar of each group houses snare and tom flailing but the drums mostly ignore beat one of the second bar. The accent (cymbals) is delayed until the and of beat two (right after the words "time" and "heart"). The fourth 2-bar group is a walk (bass and organ) up to the post-chorus section.

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  1. Kenneth,
    All I know is that I like the upbeat tempo and rhythm of this song. Thom's song-writing talents and all the technical stuff you have done work to make me want to listen to "We Cherish Our Scars" again and again. I have suggested to David that he tune in from Scotland, too.