Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ConcART IV (Farewell)

The past few months have been one wild ride.

If you're reading this blog, it probably means you're my mother or my father (hi mom, hi dad). And that means you already know that Johanne and I are leaving Texas for the unfriendly cold of New York. We leave mid-August, less than three weeks from now.

But we decided to try to squeeze in one last ConcART before going. This would give us a chance to see all of our great Texas friends one last time, play some music for them, maybe sell them some art. I haven't had time to pull together a full, brand-new recital program, so I thought I'd play the three new pieces I have, along with one favorite from each of the first three ConcART recitals. In fact, I couldn't decide on just one from ConcART III, so I chose two.

So ConcART IV (the "Farewell ConcART") will be Sunday, August 7, 2011. And here's the recital program:
  1. Prelude I -- Gershwin
  2. Sonata No.8 (Pathétique), 2nd movement -- Beethoven
  3. Pastorale/Renaissance No.8 -- Corelli/Godowsky
  4. Danza de la Pastora -- Halffter
  5. Alt Wien -- Godowsky
  6. Widmung -- Schumann/Liszt
  7. Toccatina Op.36 -- Kapustin
The Beethoven is from ConcART I, the Halffter from ConcART II and the Corelli/Godowsky and Schumann/Liszt are from ConcART III. The Gershwin and Godowsky are both fun, short pieces that I was able to pull together fairly quickly. Putting the Kapustin on the program is sheer insanity. I'll be lucky to come out of it with no broken bones.

Wish us luck!


  1. Great programme, none the less! I guess we can't have a video-cast on Art-Facts yet, eh? Oh, well, the Ottawa-New York seven-hour drive will make it possible for us to attend, in person, ConcArt V,if we're invited, of course.

  2. Hi Kenneth, Hi Johanne,
    We are really looking forward to your NY move, but wish we could be with you for ConcART IV.
    Good luck!