Friday, October 3, 2008


On Sunday, October 19, Johanne will be having her first solo Art Show at our home here in Austin. The show will feature her latest pastel painting series on Rocher Percé, her new wood burnings and a couple of new wood sculptures.

To kick off the show, I'll be giving a recital on my new piano. We're expecting 40-50 people. (If you're in Austin, or think you could make it and didn't receive an invitation, let me know. I'll get one out to you).

I wanted to give a longish recital. Most other opportunities involve multiple performers where each is limited to one or two pieces. This is an opportunity to stretch out a little and design a nice program with some variety. The problem is that when I laid it out, it was too long. And removing pieces is a sad thing. But after much hair-pulling, I've whittled it down to...

1. El Puerto (Albéniz)
2. Sonetto 104 del Petrarca (Liszt)
3. Sonata No.8 (Pathétique), 2nd movement (Beethoven)
4. Impromptu Op.90, No.4 (Schubert)
5. Quejas, ó la Maja y el Ruiseñor (Granados)
6. Danzas Argentinas (Ginastera)

There are a couple of glaring omissions, but even still, I'm worried it's a little long. I figure it runs about 40 minutes. Make it 45, since I plan to tell a little story to introduce each piece. But I think the flow/variety of the program would suffer if I removed any more. (Not to mention... it would break my heart).

So what do you think? Would you sit through those 45 minutes? Even if you were coming mainly to view the art?


  1. Dear Kenneth and Johanne,
    I would love to sit through your concert and wish I could be there for both the art show and the music. Best wishes for a hugely successful venture.
    Love, Mom

  2. Would that we could attend, Kenneth! Thanks for glimpses of Johanne's art and for a peek at your program.

    We hope your October 19th ConcART day is perfect in every way!

    Louise and David

  3. Me, too! I would love to be there for the concert and show. Johanne's art pieces are wonderful and I imagine youe piano pieces are also.
    Have a great Oct. 19th.

    ME xoxoxo

  4. KB and Johanne:

    I just hit the site for the first time in a while and realize that this is your big day. Sounds like fun...really wish I could fly down and cram my family in for the show and concert. To answer your question about 45 mins being too long -- it wouldn't be too long for me -- probably for strangers, especially if they're standing. Remember Dad and I used to make you play for your lunch between classes at UofO. When I read your critiques of all these pianos, I laugh at you playing on our upright Lesage that hadn't been tuned in 15 yrs. Man, you must have been hungry!

    Saw the picture of your grand. Congrats. Looks better in that space than me sleeping there. Sure it was worth the wait and sacrifice.

    The reason I happened back to the site was because Jean mentioned the new piano tracks and so I got a zip of them from him. Burned them last night and listened to them during dinner (roast beef...what else). I've already filled an order for a CD though you won't like the cover art. That said, I think I like my generic handwritten cover more than 'Twice the Usual'.

    The pieces are fantastic, though I haven't 'really' listened to them (noisy eater). Looking forward to that.

    I laughed at the thought of you playing for a roomful of piano teachers. Who does that? Who needs the stress? Must have been gratifying for them.

    Johanne: Have fun today. Enjoy the kudos. Don't let the Piano Man steal your show. The pastels are always my favourites.

    / \

  5. Hi Kenneth and Johanne,
    We are also toasting your success on ConcART day.

    Here's to both of you and the to the harmony of your music and your art!

    Louise and David