Monday, September 15, 2008

Video: Danza del Viejo Boyero

This video was really just me experimenting with the camera and audio equipment. But I've been hoping to get a little less formal about posting here, so what the heck.

Here's Alberto Ginastera's Danza del Viejo Boyero. Of course, the downside to posting this is now I have to do videos of the other two Danzas Argentinas. (And by "downside" I mean either "downside" or "upside").


  1. Hi Kenneth,
    Your "experimentation stage" is very nicely underway - even at three thousand miles, or so, away it is sounding and looking great.

  2. Thanks Kenneth,
    It was fun for me to be already familiar with this piece and to know what to expect as you played it.

    I look forward to hearing (and seeing) the other two "danzas" performed in the same informal yet masterful way. That's definitely the "upside" for me.

    Love, Louise

  3. Hi Kenneth,

    Terrific! I look forward to hearing (and seeing you play) the others.

    Love, Mom